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n.1.(Mining) The worn side of the bank of a river. See 4th Fret, n., 4.
1.A vitreous compound, used by potters in glazing, consisting of lime, silica, borax, lead, and soda.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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While new source reported that Ann Frett's daughter was assigned the biohazard seat and moved to the only remaining vacant seat on the plane, Frett, 68, was left alone with the disgusting mess for the full duration of her flight.
Ann Frett, 69, says no other seats were available when the "biohazard" was discovered and she had to cover the lower part of her face with her turtleneck top.
The group will be initially facilitated by Dr Bonnie Estensen, Psy D, LCPC and Dan Frett, MS, LCPC joined by Jackie Frett , a paraprofessional with extensive work with LGBT parents.
revoluta (Frett, 1987) and Zamia seed (Witte, 1977), although lower temperatures of 15-20[degrees]C have also been reported for C.
Kylie Frett has been hired as an associate account executive by CJRW in Little Rock.
LATANYA MAPP FRETT Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Global Nairobi, Kenya
"We really don't have any private exchange markets," says Terry Frett, senior benefits consultant for R&R Insurance in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
"This is an unprecedented move, and the most extreme executive action we've seen of its kind," Latanya Mapp Frett, executive director, said in a statement.
Norris Central Texas Angeline Frett Charlestowne Nancy J.
New partners Richard Noble (Bloodhound SSC), Richard Frett (CVDFK), Miles Hewitt-Boorman (CVDFK), Tony Parraman (Bloodhound SSC), Justin Waddilove (CVDFK) and Kevin Voller (CVDFK)
Se ha reportado que la disminucion de la fuerza del medio MS puede aumentar el numero de brotes en algunas especies y por ello suele probarse su efecto en los experimentos de optimizacion de medios (Frett 1987).