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also Frey·ja  (frā′ə)
n. Norse Mythology
The goddess of love and beauty; the sister of Frey.

[Old Norse Freyja, from freyja, lady; see per in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈfreɪə) or


(Norse Myth & Legend) Norse myth the goddess of love and fecundity, sister of Frey


(ˈfreɪ ə)

the Norse goddess of love and sister of Frey.
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Noun1.Freya - (Norse mythology) goddess of love and fecundityFreya - (Norse mythology) goddess of love and fecundity; daughter of Njorth and sister of Frey
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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WALLASEY teen Freya Hannan-Mills, 13, recently created a new play for Jude Law to perform at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, London.
Emma Chatfield, 26, was handcuffed on the ward by police and locked up for 14 hours after she asked to transfer 11-week-old Freya to another hospital.
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The 'Two Ghosts' singer dedicated a performance of his song 'Sign of the Times' to 14-year-old Freya Lewis -- who suffered multiple fractures, lacerations and burns after a bomb was detonated at an Ariana Grande concert in May -- while filming his BBC concert special, reducing the teenager and her family to tears.
Little Freya Wallwork, who has Turner syndrome, has just been awarded her first black belt in karate after four years of training.
Freya Ellingham is the brains behind Rhondda Pug Club, and although the group currently has a modest number of members, she is hoping it can emulate the success of a club in Eastbourne, East Sussex she used to attend, which boasts more than 500 members.
One of these victims is 14-year-old Freya Lewis who was left critically injured after an explosion at the Ariana Grande concert.
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