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also Frey·ja  (frā′ə)
n. Norse Mythology
The goddess of love and beauty; the sister of Frey.

[Old Norse Freyja, from freyja, lady; see per in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.Freyja - (Norse mythology) goddess of love and fecundityFreyja - (Norse mythology) goddess of love and fecundity; daughter of Njorth and sister of Frey
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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Others who may win at the Yorkshire venue are the Mark Johnston-trained Freyja in the Irish EBF Fillies' Novice Stakes (Plus 10 Race) (2.40pm); Tim Easterby's Red Seeker, who is eyeing a four-timer having won twice at Beverley and once at Doncaster, in the Educare Of Beverley Handicap (4.25pm); and Minnelli in the finale, the Future Stars Apprentice Handicap (5.35pm).
BEVERLEY: 2.05 Desert Icon, 2.40 Freyja, 3.15 Tis Marvellous, 3.50 Stoney Lane, 4.25 Sezim, 5.00 Angel Lane, 5.35 Gylo.
BEVERLEY Going: Soft-good to soft in places 2.05 Desert Icon 2.40 Freyja 3.15 Tis Marvellous 3.50 Stoney Lane 4.25 Sezim 5.00 Angel Lane 5.35 Gylo CHELMSFORD CITY Going: Standard 5.40 Napping 6.15 Fuwayrit 6.45 X Force 7.15 Habub 7.45 Saqqara King 8.15 More Than A Prince 8.45 Birdcage Walk CHESTER Going: Good 1.35 Dirty Dancer 2.10 Arcanada 2.45 Outbox 3.20 Elpheba 3.55 Brian The Snail 4.30 The Defiant 5.05 So Near So Farhh LINGFIELD Going: Standard 4.20 Imperial Act 4.55 Charles Street 5.30 Simply Silca 6.00 Lucy Lou 6.30 Scentasia 7.00 Dame Freya Stark 7.30 Quemonda
TOP TIPS - BEVERLEY: 2.05 Desert Icon, 2.40 Freyja, 3.15 Tis Marvellous, 3.50 Stoney Lane, 4.25 Sezim, 5.00 Angel Lane, 5.35 Gylo.
Joanne, whose fairy name is Freyja Fairy, has made a business from her hobby and performs at family festivals around the country.
Several other cultures across various points of time thought of cats in good light; Irish folklore regarded tortoiseshell cats as harbingers of good fortune, Japan's Maneki Neko famous to this day signifies luck whereas Norse mythology depicted the goddess Freyja as driving a chariot pulled by two (presumably, large) cats.
Included in World Balance's line up of products for its much-awaited launch are Women's shoes including the black-purple colored Scion L as well as the white-colored Freyja for women, both of which boast breathable mesh for comfort and convenience with its pull tab that enable owners to slide in and take their shoes off easily.
Governor Emma White with pupils Freyja, Dan and Honey, in the outdoor classroom area that was due to be refurbished using the stolen fence panels at Amington Heath Primary School, Tamworth
The name Freya comes from the Old Norse Freyja, meaning "lady".
The presence of Freyja Haraldsdoacutettir, a human rights activist affected by glass-bone disease, strikingly illustrated that popular sovereignty need not be represented only by able-bodied, middle-aged men in suits and ties.
A unique one we got to visit is Freyja (pronounced frey-yah, the Nordic goddess of beauty) in Glorietta 2, a beauty hub which carries top sellers like Aveda, Benefit, and Peter Thomas Roth; cult favorites like Gerard Cosmetics, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and Kora Organics; and K-beauty brands like Moonshot, Huxley, and Make P:rem--and that's just what I can name off the top of my head because there are so many others!