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 (frā) also Freyr (frâr)
n. Norse Mythology
The god who dispenses peace, good weather, prosperity, and bountiful crops; the brother of Freya.

[Old Norse Freyr; see per in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.Freyr - (Norse mythology) god of earth's fertility and peace and prosperityFreyr - (Norse mythology) god of earth's fertility and peace and prosperity; son of Njorth and brother of Freya; originally of the Vanir; later with the Aesir
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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There was the epithet froor ("wise"), for the fertility god Freyr.
FORGET the blueprints, think tanks and all the talk of saving Scottish football - Brian McClair should just give Freyr Alexandersson a call.
CLEAR VICTORY The busiest road in Iceland during the clinching win over Austria; (above) Ari Freyr Skulason holds a baby from the crowd after reaching the last 16
A modern retelling of the old Eddaic poem "Sayings of Skirnir," in which the Norse god Freyr falls desperately in love with the maiden Gerdr and sends his servant Skirnir to fetch her.
Freyr highlights: 300-year-old yielding miniature orange trees in manicured formal gardens.
ICELAND Halldorsson, Ari Freyr Skulason Theodor Elmar Bjarnason, Ragnar Sigurdsson, Arnason Gudmundsson, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Gunnarsson, Hallfredsson Sigthorsson, Finnbogason.
Sweden, who also play England and France in Group D, looked to be on their way to a convincing win before Sigthorsson headed home Ari Freyr Skulason's cross.
He says he has slept aboard a "haunted" ship called The Freyr.
En el primer nivel se encuentran: Asgard, mundo de los Aesir o Ases (1), que se encontraba en el centro del Midgard--mundo de los hombres--; Vanaheim, tierra de los Vanir o Vanes, dioses menores asociados con la fertilidad, la sabiduria y la profecia; Alfheim, tierra de los elfos de luz y morada del dios Freyr, que se encontraba dentro de Asgard.
HIBS gaffer John Hughes is weighing up a move for Iceland defender Haraldur Freyr Gudmundsson.