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(French fribur)
1. (Placename) a canton in W Switzerland. Capital: Fribourg. Pop: 242 700 (2002 est). Area: 1676 sq km (645 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a town in W Switzerland, capital of Fribourg canton: university (1889). Pop: 35 547 (2000)
German name: Freiburg


(Fr. friˈbur)

1. a canton in W Switzerland. 224,552; 644 sq. mi. (1668 sq. km).
2. the capital of this canton. 40,500. German, Freiburg.
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It was not difficult to understand that he had gained the crown of his ambition and that the silver-mounted wand he brandished was in his eyes as honorable a distinction as the marshal's baton which Conde threw, or did not throw, into the enemy's line of battle at Fribourg.
Le Projet De La Ville De Fribourg, Est Dirig Par Gal Maradan, Ville De Fribourg.
Researchers at the University of Fribourg have created a battery from hydrogels inspired by the electric eel.
In eight papers from a June 2012 international conference in Fribourg, Switzerland, social scientists from Europe and Central Asia explore the contribution of their fields to minority issues in multicultural post-socialist societies.
It also played at Stuttgart Indian Film Festival, Third Eye Asian Film Festival in Mumbai, London Short Film Festival and had a Swiss premiere at the Fribourg International Film Festival.
It was in Fribourg that an early skirmish in the battle for the soul of Europe took place.
GENEVA, Oct 29 (KUNA) -- The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland disapproved the decision of authorities at the Swiss city of Fribourg to ban holding the annual Swiss Islamic Shura Council in 2014.
Le match amical que devait jouer la selection du Ghana contre la formation allemande de Fribourg hier a Seville, dans le cadre de sa preparation a la CAN-2015, a ete annule, a indique la Federation ghaneenne de football (GFA).
Jorge Nogueira, currently head of the business unit Functional Chemicals at Lanxess, will take over responsibility for the business unit Performance Butadiene Rubbers based in Fribourg, Switzerland, from Joachim Grub.
Die Jahresversammlung fand im August 2012 an der Bibliotheque Cantonale et Universitaire Fribourg statt.
Basel, Ramadan 28, 1434, Aug 6, 2013, SPA -- A US tourist was killed and four people suffered life-threatening injuries when their hot air balloon crashed Tuesday, police said in Fribourg, Switzerland.
Il m'a propose tout de suite apres le match de signer a Fribourg pour l'annee suivante.