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Tenders are invited for Repairing and fabrication of crowd clutch frication discs 02 nos.
Meanwhile, the evolution of Owith the life frication [Florin] or [Guilder] is given in Fig.
In the presence of post-uvular CA, manipulation of air pressure to generate plosion and frication needed for production of oral consonants occurs at pharyngeal or laryngeal areas of the vocal tract [3,4].
The acting governor said his government intends to provide all basic services and better water services in the nomads' areas with the view to end frication with the farmers, calling on all members of the two communities to ignore acrimonies left by the conflicts and to return to their past social coexistence.
Injuries if Upper Limb:Pattern of Abrasions in Upper limbs: The abrasions seen over the body surface are often caused due to frication over the road surface on falling over the ground.
This means that in production of Saraiki phonemes Ic j/ there may be a short phase of frication after the stop burst.
3) The frication force between the roller and blank is neglected.
18) As for "fricatives": frication is a turbulent flow of air, a hiss, gurgle, or catch, but also something like the sound a "kazoo" makes--one doesn't blow into a kazoo, one hums into it from the back of one's throat.
JONGMAN, "Duration of frication noise required for identification of English fricatives", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 85 (1989), pp.
Thus, we cannot talk of one possible semantic and semiotic meaning, but a chain and frequent frication or continuum of possible meanings, as follows:
Clements states that for a language to develop a rule of affrication or posteriorization, the frication noise has to be "reassigned" to the initial stop segment (1999: 288).
They also showed very similar patterns of responses to /v/ and /TH/, indicating that they had difficulty discriminating these voiced consonants distinguished by high-frequency frication.