Friction brake

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(Mach.) a form of dynamometer for measuring the power a motor exerts. A clamp around the revolving shaft or fly wheel of the motor resists the motion by its friction, the work thus absorbed being ascertained by observing the force required to keep the clamp from revolving with the shaft; a Prony brake.

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According to the latest report Automotive Brake Linings Market Research Report: Information by Material (Non-Asbestos, Semi-Asbestos, Ceramic Friction Brake Lining), by Vehicle Type (Passenger, Commercial), by Sales Channel (OEM, Aftermarket), and by Region - Forecast till 2025, published by Market Research Future, The global automotive brake linings market is predicted to have a favorable growth at 7.8% CAGR during the forecast period 2019-2025
Tip: check the friction brake pads and soundproofing panels.
Highway Vehicles-Brake System-Brake Pads for Friction Brake, Turkish Standard Institute, Ankara, Turkey.
Frictional heat generation is a common phenomenon during the process of friction brake, which leads to high temperature and variable material properties.
US06-based cycle model results Cycle intensity (1.0 = standard cycle) 0.80 0.90 1.00 1.10 Total test time (s) 750 667 600 546 Average vehicle velocity (km/h) 61.9 69.6 77.3 85.1 Test distance (km) 12.89 12.89 12.89 12.89 Conventional Sonata results Tractive energy (kJ/km) 480.3 564.7 657.9 760.1 Friction brake energy (kJ/km) 116.3 156.0 201.1 251.6 Increase in ICE supplied energy (%) 0.0 17.6 37.0 58.2 Sonata HEV results Tractive energy (kJ/km) 448.7 538.8 639.3 750.4 Friction brake energy (kJ/km) 5.6 17.3 47.9 96.1 Regenerative brake energy (kJ/km) 132.5 164.5 183.3 190.0 Electrically powered tractive energy (70% of RB energy) (kJ/km) 92.8 115.2 128.3 133.0 ICE powered tractive energy (kJ/km) 355.9 423.5 511.0 617.4 Increase in ICE supplied energy (%) 0.0 19.0 43.6 73.5 Table 10.
Unlike the powertrain, a conventional vehicle friction brake is more or less an open system and the sampling of the emitted particles is a very complex process, which is investigated by many researchers.
The additional problems of friction brake noise and judder aren't mentioned even though they cause noise pollution and huge expense to vehicle manufacturers if post-sale rectification is required.
It can also help us find the exact gears in which the friction brake starts to fade out or come in, which provides more information for the calibration process.
Hence regenerative brake cooperates with friction brake to satisfy the total braking demand.
Thomson supplied a Deltran SB19 series spring set friction brake, which met requirements in all of the following areas:
A multi disc friction brake and a minimum 10:1 rope to drum ratio, are a testament to DK2 reliability standards.