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Not one of them has showed the slightest sign of remorse or concern for a girl left with a friction burn on her spine, evidence of multiple intercourse and severe bruising - possibly from the bottle that was at one stage inserted into her vagina.
The adult film industry has repeatedly argued that prolonged condom use might result in friction burn and ( micro- abrasions.
A LITTLE girl suffered a nasty friction burn to the back of her neck after her puppy chased a cat while on a retractable dog lead.
"However, the guy controlling them made a slight miscalculation and one fell the entire way dragging his forehead against the wall and got a really nasty friction burn."
Watersports gloves help prevent friction burn when a tow rope or handle slides rapidly through the rider's hands.
Finally, Piers decided to admit the truth of his feelings for her pain, saying: "You were working all weekend and now you've got a friction burn from all your hard work."
Already nursing a brutal friction burn from last weekend he said: 'I got scissored twice and was lucky to get free-kicks while we were being booked for pushing their guys over.
The actress suffered two pole dancing-related injuries in 2006 - a pulled muscle in her leg and a friction burn on her arm - while gyrating for then-husband Chris Robinson.
Rory Schlein and Olly Allen both rode through the pain barrier with good results, and reserve Andreas Messing collected a particularly painful friction burn when taken down by an out-of-control Karol Zabik in his third ride.