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Noun1.Friedman test - pregnancy test that involves injecting some of the woman's urine into an unmated female rabbit and later examining the ovaries of the rabbit; presence of corpora lutea indicates that the woman is pregnant
pregnancy test - a physiological test to determine whether a woman is pregnant
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Therefore, we also tested the data with Friedman Test which is a non-parametric variant of ANOVA with repeated measures.
The nonparametric tests we adopted included two methods, the Friedman test and Wilcoxon test.
Due to the nonhomoscedasticity of the latter data, the nonparametric Friedman test was used.
Although a statistically significant improvement was observed after the Friedman test, the improvement was not statistically significant when using a Bonferroni adjustment.
Friedman test was conducted and a p-value less than [10.sup.-15] was confirmed.
Using the Friedman test, the difference between visual analog scale scores at the beginning (7.00[+ or -]0.45) and the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 12th months (3.55[+ or -]0.69, 3.36[+ or -]0.67, 2.55[+ or -]0.69, and 2.73[+ or -]0.65, respectively) were statistically significant (p<0.001).
The statistical significance of the differences among measurement times within groups regarding for total oxidative stress parameters was evaluated by Friedman test. The p-values from the Friedman test statistics were statistically significant to know which measurement time differs from which others by using Wilcoxon Sign Rank test.
Table: Friedman Test FOR TUG, 10 Meter Walk Test and 5 Times Sit To Stand.
To compare the total scores between the subsections, the authors performed the Friedman test followed by Wilcoxon signed rank test, which was statistically correct.
There were significant differences among the attractant traps in terms of the number of total captured flies (Friedman test: [chi square] = 24.263; df = 7; n = 5; P = 0.001; Fig.
The obtained data has been analyzed using the Friedman test, which is used to determine the difference between the averages, and the Wilcoxon test, which is used for binary comparisons, from the non-parametric tests in the Spss 20 packet program.