Friedrich Hebbel

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Noun1.Friedrich Hebbel - German dramatist (1813-1863)
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Contract notice: VE 65 Pollutant Remediation Rehabilitation Friedrich Hebbel School, Wesselburen
Auch Friedrich Hebbel befasste sich mit ihr, und Richard Meszleny schreibt in seiner Monographie uber Friedrich Hebbels Schauspiel Genoveva (1843): "Genoveva ist im allerengsten Sinne des Wortes eine unwandelbare Heilige" (66); "als geborene Heilige" steht sie "fast wandellos uber dem Irdischen" (46).
Je crois comme Friedrich Hebbel que [beaucoup moins que]vivre signifie etre partisan[beaucoup plus grand que].
Others writers are less ambiguous: in Theodor Storm's Immensee the dark-haired Gypsy girl is a femme fatale; Friedrich Hebbel portrays Gypsies as 'naive, kleptomaniac and irrational savages' (p.
Leafstedt, however, is the first to argue that Balazs's symbolism differs from Maeterlinck's in ways that suggest the influence of German playwright Friedrich Hebbel (1813-1863), the subject of Balazs's doctoral dissertation.
This remark by the nineteenth-century German dramatist Friedrich Hebbel serves as an epigraph for Doris Lessing's Prisons We Choose to Live Inside (1987), a collection of five essays that reflect on the causes-- biological or social--of human behavior, essays that consider how often and how much we are dominated by our savage past, as individuals and as groups.
469), received the Friedrich Hebbel Prize, and she has been part of the German literary scene ever since.