Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock

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Noun1.Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock - German poet (1724-1803)Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock - German poet (1724-1803)    
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At BE-low's funeral, he heard Friedrich Klopstock's hymn "The Resurrection," which further sparked Mahler's symphonic concept, to which he added vocal solos and choral sections.
4) and Die Sommernacht to texts by Friedrich Klopstock (p.
The fifth and final movement, McQuillen writes, moves through the ancient Latin Dies Irae (Day of Wrath), ``along with more music of terror and anguish,'' into Friedrich Klopstock's hymn "Auferstehung (Resurrection)," which was sung in 1894 during the memorial service for Mahler's colleague, pianist and conductor Hans von Bulow.