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n. pl. fren·e·mies Informal
A person who is ostensibly friendly or collegial with someone but who is actually antagonistic or competitive.

[Blend of friend and enemy.]


n, pl -mies
1. a supposed friend who behaves in a treacherous manner
2. a person who is considered as both a friend and a rival
[C20: blend of friend and enemy ]
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As Lorenzana put it: "Nakakalalaki na." What does that "frienemy" moment in Beijing between the two presidents mean for bilateral relations?
"What has been a frienemy relationship focused on mutual short-term benefits seems to now be turning into one where long-term strategic considerations lead," the analyst said.
The other day a frienemy made fun of my RBF, the default mask that conveys meanness without meaning to.
WPP's CEO, Sir Martin Sorrell, had dubbed Google a "frienemy" just a few months before, and the 24/7 Real Media purchase was therefore interpreted at the time more as a preemptive strike against Google than as an attempt to match Publicis' move with Digitas.
For its part, the frienemy Google went on to make strategic moves into gaining control over Internet measurement tools.
Together with Milkman's quest for his heritage, his "frienemy" Guitar also complicates the vision of male fury in a time of difficult politics that gave rise to Black Power.
When the new Sultan, Vlad's childhood frienemy Mehmed II (Dominic Cooper), demands 1,000 Transylvanian youths as conscripts for his army--among them, Vlad's own son, Ingeras (Art Parkinson, cementing a very conspicuous "Game of Thrones" vibe)--the war-weary prince sees no option but to defy the Sultan's demands.
The Cupertino Calif.-based company wanted to ensure that its South-Korean frienemy wasn't infringing on any of its innovation after it said  that Samsung "chose to copy Apple's technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products."
I invited her to see Twilight, and she said she was visiting her grandma, so my mom and I went, had a blast, and saw her in the ticket line with her "frienemy." She also hurts me physically and at lunch I eat while locked in a bathroom stall,
-- PBS Mediashift: "Frienemy" Google is not a threat (yet) to traditional newspaper ad sales, writes Mark Glaser.
Google, which he described using one of the industry's buzzwords, the "frienemy," helped accelerate the industry momentum, especially when Google bought YouTube and branched out into new territory.