Frigate mackerel

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(Zool.) an oceanic fish (Auxis Rochei) of little or no value as food, often very abundant off the coast of the United States.
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These are the frigate mackerel (Auxis thazard) and bullet mackerel (Auxis rochei).
Trono said the strategic action program focused on the management and conservation of small pelagic fishes such as sardines, long-jawed mackerel, big-eye and round scads, and frigate mackerel, a major source of food for most people in the area.
The varieties that are harvested by local fishing fleet include Frigate Mackerel, India Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Barracudes and dolphin fish.
Based on that formula HPI is Rp 10,544/kg for big eye tuna fish; Rp 10,544/kg for Medidihang, Rp 3,010/kg for skipjack, Rp 2,465 for frigate mackerel, Rp 7,852 for round Spanish mackerel, Rp 3,365 for stripped mackerel, Rp 10,278 for Fourfinger threadfin as shown in the following table.