a.1.Free from fright; fearless.
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Carpenter's unnerving means of outing an infected human--with hot copper wire dipped into a suspicious person's blood sample--is here replaced by the clever but frightless conceit of checking a man's teeth for fillings that the Thing can't copy.
Lampatho, who has been consistently seen as a parody of Jonson, duplicates Chrisoganus's rhetoric when he suddenly rails: Durt upon durt, feare is beneath my shooe, Dreadlesse of rackes, strappados, or the sword, Ile stand as confident as Hercules, And with a frightless resolution, Rip up and launce our times impieties.
A negative pickup by Fox dumped into theaters on Friday without benefit of press previews (or much of an ad campaign), "Wrong Turn" is steeped only in frightless torpor from beginning to end of its 84 minutes.