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(ˌfrɪdʒ ɪˈdɛər)
a brand of electric refrigerator.
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manufacturing operations, stepping up a strategic initiative to drive profitable growth in North America with new lines of innovative Frigidaire kitchen products.
3 cf frigidaire refrigerator -- right-side hanfle, 15 ea of 16.
com)-- ECA Announces the Arrival of the New Frigidaire Top Load HE Laundry.
Additionally, the company said that in a staged roll-out, Electrolux major appliances under the Frigidaire, Frigidaire Gallery and Electrolux brands that include ovens, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and laundry machines will be available at The Home Depot.
Electrolux made its debut in the small-appliance market in North America in October 2011, with the launch of a collection of products under its Frigidaire Professional brand.
Yusif bin Yusif Fakhro has proven to be an excellent business partner during the past 30 years, initially with our Leonard brand of appliances and then as the exclusive distributor for our signature brand, Frigidaire.
Summary: In celebration of Earth Month in April and Earth Day on April 22 around the world, Frigidaire is providing energy-saving appliance tips for consumers to save money on their electric bills.
120 Bosch, Frigidaire, GE, GE Profile, Maytag, Tappan, Whirlpool Lowe's Mount Olive, N.
It was made in 1949 by Frigidaire and is beige in colour.
The bathrooms feature marble counters, custom-made medicine cabinets and travertine floors and kitchens feature granite counters framed by tumbled-marble backsplashes, center cook's islands, cherry wood cabinets and stainless steel Frigidaire appliances.
Considering that small refrigerators for modern kitchens can now be obtained for as little as 20 guineas, it looks as if the new ice age is not far away, and Newcastle ought to take an appreciable step towards it this summer as a result of the series of Frigidaire demonstrations running in Newcastle and around at the present time.
The capitalization of things seems to place an inordinate, almost private emphsis on something,' [Turow] said, turning it into a Kleenex or Frigidaire.