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Noun1.Fringillidae - finches: goldfinches; bullfinches; chaffinches; siskins; canaries; cardinals; grosbeaks; crossbills; linnets; buntings
bird family - a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
Oscines, Passeres, suborder Oscines, suborder Passeres - two names for the suborder of typical songbirds
finch - any of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds
Fringilla, genus Fringilla - type genus of the Fringillidae: chaffinch, brambling
Carduelinae, subfamily Carduelinae - used in some classifications for a subgroup of finches
Carduelis, genus Carduelis - in some classifications considered the type genus of a subfamily Carduelinae of the family Fringillidae: goldfinches; siskins; redpolls; linnets
genus Spinus, Spinus - in some classifications considered a subgenus of Carduelis: siskins and New World goldfinches
Carpodacus, genus Carpodacus - house finches and purple finches
genus Serinus, Serinus - Old World finches; e.g. canaries and serins
genus Loxia, Loxia - crossbill
genus Pyrrhula, Pyrrhula - bullfinches
genus Junco - American finches
genus Pooecetes, Pooecetes - a genus of Fringillidae
genus Zonotrichia, Zonotrichia - large New World sparrows
genus Spizella, Spizella - chipping sparrow; field sparrow; tree sparrow
genus Melospiza, Melospiza - American song sparrow and swamp sparrow
Emberizidae, subfamily Emberizidae, subfamily Emberizinae - buntings and some New World sparrows
genus Hesperiphona, Hesperiphona - evening grosbeak
genus Pinicola, Pinicola - a genus of Fringillidae
genus Pyrrhuloxia - large showy finches related to cardinals
genus Pipilo, Pipilo - towhees
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The family with the highest species richness was Muscicapidae (13 species), followed by Fringillidae (seven species), Sylviidae (six species), Accipitridae (five species) and Alaudidae (four species).
Circovirus infections have been documented in adult and nestling canaries (Fringillidae) but the distribution of the virus in the world is not yet known.
Molothrus oryzivorus Giant Cowbird S FRINGILLIDAE, Siskin, Euphonia 286.
Order Passeriformes: Family Fringillidae, Part One Genera Richmondena through Pipilo.
Maa (1969a, 1969b) and Bequaert (1953) mentioned the Order Passeriformes as hosts, particularly the families Muscicapidae, Thraupidae, and Fringillidae. With the exception of the family Thraupidae, this is the first time in which O.
Fringillidae was the family most commonly observed (76% of all observations), followed by Motacillidae (10%) and Embericidae (7%).
Nome popular Nome cientifico Familia Aves Canario-da-terra Sicalisflaveola Fringillidae Joao de barro Furnariusrufus Furnariidae Bem-te-vi Pitangussulfuratus Tyrannidae Rolinha roxa Columbina talpacoti Columbidae Quero-quero Vanelluschilensis Charadriidae Tico-tico Zonotrichia capensis Emberizidae Sabia roxo Turdusrufiventris Turdidae Mamiferos Ratazana Rattusrattus Muridae Gamba-de- Didelphisalbiventris Didelphidae orelha-branca Repteis Lagarto Tupinambismerianae Teiidae Fonte: Juglans Engenharia e Consultoria Ltda.