a.1.(Firearms) A movable furrowed piece of steel struck by the flint, to throw sparks into the pan, in an early form of flintlock.
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The winners (pictured right) were, left to right, Becky Allan, Kate Trainer, Marie Allan, Abbey Newton, Kimberley Hay, Bethany Morris, Laura Brookes, Stefan Frizel, Daniel Rykman, Anthony Brookes, Adam Howe, Dominic Garity and Thomas Alan.
Sons Nathanial, nine and Mackenzie, six were growing up, husband GMTV Editor, Martin Frizel, complained she had no time for him and her father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease when Fiona decided to leave her job.
Name: Becky Frizel (with 18-month-old niece, Lilly Morn)
Becky Frizel; Andrea Taylor; Josephine Milburn; Gina Palombella
German Uwe Frizel and Filipino Chito Catalogo were charged with murder and robbery.
Once in Quebec, we later discover, Galliard hooked up with a half-breed guide, the Scots-Cree Lew Frizel, and become embroiled in Lew's own quest for the Sick Heart.