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also Frö·bel  (frœ′bəl), Friedrich Wilhelm August 1782-1852.
German educator who established the first kindergarten (1837), where he hoped to make learning a spontaneous, enjoyable experience for children.
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(German ˈfrøːbəl) or


(Biography) Friedrich (Wilhelm August) (ˈfriːdrɪç). 1782–1852, German educator: founded the first kindergarten (1840)
(Education) of, denoting, or relating to a system of kindergarten education developed by him or to the training and qualification of teachers to use this system
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(ˈfrœ bəl)

Frie•drich (ˈfri drɪx) 1782–1852, German educational reformer: founder of the kindergarten system.
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Noun1.Froebel - German educator who founded the kindergarten system (1782-1852)Froebel - German educator who founded the kindergarten system (1782-1852)
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Besides politicians, bureaucrats and traders, some former military officers are also using state land without any legitimate right, which include Lt Gen (R) Waseem Ahmed Ashraf in F-10/3, Major General (R) Waheed Arshad in F-6/4 and a building owned by Lt Col (R) Ihsanul Haq in F-7/2, where the Frobel's International School is housed currently.
Other schools in the area such as the Frobel Education Center, Beaconhouse School System and Haque Academy have abided by the SC's orders and have cut down the additional fees beyond the permissible Rs5,000 bar.
Ademas de a la Filosofia (con las menciones a Platon y Scheler, y con las citas de Horacio, Ciceron y Hegel), a la Pedagogia (con menciones a Rousseau, Frobel y Pestalozzi) y a la nueva Economia teorica social (con una nota bibliografica sobre Cassel), la argumentacion de MU hace una referencia casi continua a varias disciplinas cientificas como la Fisica, la Matematica y la Biologia, incluyendo ademas la Historiografia y la Sociologia en el horizonte de las "grandes disciplinas culturales" a ensenar en la Universidad (Ortega y Gasset 2004-2010, IV, pp.
It has been noticed that drug trafficking in a reputed school system Frobel's is rising day by day unhindered.
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The author thanks Christian Schade and Detlev Frobel for soil analyses, and Ludger Herrmann for valuable discussions.
For instance, inasmuch as Friedrich Frobel's Kindergarten (literally, a children's garden) was rooted in romantic longings to connect children with nature (Herrington, 2001), its 1850 design echoes the logics of individualism and anthropocentrism that structure indoor classroom spaces (Figure 3) and have been transferred to an outdoor setting.
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