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 (frō′bĭ-shər, frŏb′ĭ-), Sir Martin 1535?-1594.
English explorer who made three voyages to the Canadian Arctic (1576, 1577, and 1578) in search of the Northwest Passage.


(Biography) Sir Martin. ?1535–94, English navigator and explorer: made three unsuccessful voyages in search of the Northwest Passage (1576; 1577; 1578), visiting Labrador and Baffin Island


(ˈfroʊ bɪ ʃər, ˈfrɒb ɪ-)

Sir Martin, 1535?–94, English explorer.
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Noun1.Frobisher - English explorer who led an expedition in search of the Northwest Passage to the orientFrobisher - English explorer who led an expedition in search of the Northwest Passage to the orient; served under Drake and helped defeat the Spanish Armada (1535-1594)
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Be rather the Mungo Park, the Lewis and Clark and Frobisher, of your own streams and oceans; explore your own higher latitudes -- with shiploads of preserved meats to support you, if they be necessary; and pile the empty cans sky-high for a sign.
Black Letter tells me that Sir Martin Frobisher on his return from that voyage, when Queen Bess did gallantly wave her jewelled hand to him from a window of Greenwich Palace, as his bold ship sailed down the Thames; when Sir Martin returned from that voyage, saith Black Letter, on bended knees he presented to her highness a prodigious long horn of the Narwhale, which for a long period after hung in the castle at Windsor.
Wilson and Luckley combined well to take the top-string doubles before Rachel Frobisher and Beth Grundy, making her senior debut, did well to recover from losing their opener 22-20.
Denbighshire's member for environment, Councillor Sharon Frobisher said: "The facility is a vital piece in the jigsaw to enable us to recycle even more food waste from our households.
WHEN was the century in which Sir Martin Frobisher discovered and named Frobisher Bay in the Arctic Ocean?
Since then, the latter received a bomb threat which threatened to destroy her case against tycoon Arthur Frobisher; her senior legal associate Tom Shayes uncovered information connecting consultant Gregory Malina with Frobisher, and Ms He wes tried to keep Gregory -and her case-alive until his deposition.
Katie is under pressure as she prepares for her deposition in the Frobisher case, and Patty (Glenn Close, above) prepares to advance her plans when Tom uncovers information connecting Gregory Malina with Frobisher.
36 Frobisher Road, Styvechale - single-storey front extension and pitched roof.
27 premiere production of Frobisher, the latest collaboration between composer John Estacio and librettist John Murrell, though the artistic return on investment is perhaps more debatable than on the creators' hugely successful Filumena.
Key words: Crimson Route, Crowell, Crystal Two, Forbes, Frobisher Bay, Hubbard, Iqaluit, Roosevelt, Second World War, United States Army Air Forces, U-boat
Among his other books are My Life with the Eskimos (1913); The Friendly Arctic (1921); The Adventure of Wrangel Island (1925); The Standardization of Error (1927); The Three Voyages of Martin Frobisher (1938); Arctic Manual (1941); The Arctic in Fact and Fiction (1945); Great Adventures and Explorations (an anthology, 1947); New Compass of the World (1949); and Northwest to Fortune (1958).