From far

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from a great distance; from a remote place.
- Milton.

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As I contemplate the cast-off furniture from Far from Heaven that has found its way into Haynes's 1909 bungalow--here the sprawling sofa where a marriage definitively unravels, there the gardener's wooden workbox that suggests a natural serenity just out of reach--I am reminded of the determining presence of interior decoration in all his films, whether the bedroom of the child murderer's schoolmate in Poison (1991), the gyms and shopping-center restaurants in Safe, or the makeshift luxury enjoyed by the glam rockers of Velvet Goldmine (1998).
201 (Disputes and Appeals--Definitions); (b) "continued portion of the contract," "partial termination," "terminated portion of the contract" from FAR 49.
26, 2002 by Far East Energy that the signing was to take place in Beijing, at the People's Great Hall in the People's Republic of China and attended by senior executives from Far East Energy, CUCBM, ConocoPhillips, ChevronTexaco and other governmental dignitaries in Beijing.
Participating in the signing ceremony will be executive management from Far East Energy Corporation, China United Coalbed Methane Co.
Using the ERX in our network gives us the stability upon which to build broadband network services that reflect the quality our customers have come to expect from Far EasTone.
The move follows closely on an order from Far EasTone Telecommunications Co.