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Noun1.Fromental Halevy - French operatic composer (1799-1862)
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A prolific composer, his melodies share the ravishing lush ness of French opera, two of whose most successful composers were Jewish: Fromental Halevy and Giacomo Meyerbeer (an early and ardent supporter of Wagner, but never mind).
Some of the composers frequently represented in the first effort include Andre-Ernest-Modeste Gretry (1741-1813), Nicolas-Marie Dalayrac (1753-1809), Pierre Gaveaux (1761-1825), Henri-Montan Berton (1767-1844), Nicolas Isouard (1775-1818), Francois Adrien Boieldieu (1775-1834), Fromental Halevy (1799-1862), and Adolphe Adam (1803-1856).
Unlike Jacques Fromental Halevy (1799-1862), who wrote not only the well-known opera La Juive but also the almost completely forgotten Le Juif Errant (The Wandering Jew) and the unfinished Noe (Noah), Giaromo Meyerbeer (1791-1864), the other leading Jewish opera composer of the nineteenth century, did not apparently write operas on Jewish themes after his First stage piece, Jephthas Geludbe (Jephtha's Vow), which premiered in his twenty-first year.
These institutions come to life through the actions and opinions of tenor Jean-Raptiste Chollet in Olivier Bara's first chapter; theater director Leon Carvalho in Lesley Wright's fifth chapter; the several theater managers at the time of the Second Empire in Katharine Ellis' third chapter; composers/administrators Fromental Halevy in Diana R.