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a.1.Without face or front; shameless; not diffident; impudent.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Address: 46-50 Wood Street Soho Cocktails and shisha are the key items on sale at Soho with its distinctive frontless design that opens out into its very own shisha garden.
Ultimo became a major success story, with Lady Mone launching ever more brands including backless and frontless bras, and special brands for supermarkets and department stores.
That's a very, very difficult song." Walliams: "You're very brave." Amanda (in her frontless dress): "It was a bit patchy." Translation: she never hit a note.
But the play had taken an unexpected turn and when they learnt "that Sandford was really an honest man to the end of the play, they fairly damned it, as if the Author had impos'd upon them the most frontless or incredible Absurdity" (Cibber, Apology 1: 132-33).
These settlements, organised on a grid pattern, sought to win the 'hearts and minds' of the population while creating a front in what hitherto was a frontless counterinsurgency war.
This rebellion makes me wonder: The policy to ban strapless dresses at Readington Middle School did not address the other increasingly popular trends for formal events and proms over the past few years: cutouts, slits, frontless and backless style dresses.
They feature all our worldwide inventions from gel-filled bras, removable gel bras, non-gel bras, big cups, frontless bras, backless bras, shapewear, Miss Ultimo, and bridal!
Also try a frontless plunge bra, great for revealing necklines and boosting cleavage at the same time.
I had to really camp it up and at one point I was stood with Gemma Atkinson outside a limo and had to ripmy leather chaps off - they were frontless and backless.