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1.(Anat.) A combining form signifying relating to the forehead or the frontal bone; as, fronto-parietal, relating to the frontal and the parietal bones; fronto-nasal, etc.
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Clasificacion Sexo Total Femenino (%) Masculino (%) (%) Region fronto- Interna 4 29 33 80 orbitaria Externa 4 43 47 Region frontal Interna 2 6 8 20 media Externa 0 12 12 Total (%) 10 90 100
Small similar ill-defined lesion was also seen in subcutaneous fat of left fronto-orbital region with extension into the superior extra conal fat of left orbit similar mass lesion was also noted in the pre vertebral space s/o multiple plexiform neurofibromas in right occipito -parietal scalp, left fronto- orbital region and pre vertebral space.