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n. Music
A woman who is a lead singer of a group.
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This week it continued when the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman took to the stage with the band at Wembley Stadium before dedicating track Landslide to her "muse".
While details about her new movie remain under wraps, the actress and Philia rock band frontwoman showed off her new split sakura-themed hairstyle on Instagram on Monday, Sept.
The No Doubt frontwoman and solo artist says having a show in Las Vegas is "an incredible honor." She says that, growing up in Anaheim, California, she could never have imagined one day having her own residency.
Tracks like Drongo and Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya were irresistible blasts of frantic punk rock, sludgy metal riffs and juddering, almost-dubstep sub-bass rumble, topped by frontwoman Teresa Jarvis' jawdropping mix of Siouxsie and Karen O style vocals.
Icon award for Shirley Manson GARBAGE frontwoman Shirley Manson is to be honoured for her music and activism with an Icon Award.
The underground scene was alive and well, but lead singer Max Fatullaev parted ways with the group shortly after, and was replaced by throaty frontwoman Shmailyuk.
With songs like I Think I'm Paranoid, Only Happy When it Rains and the sublime Stupid Girl, Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson joined the likes of Courtney Love and Alanis Morrisette in giving female music fans a little more to aspire to than flashing their flesh and marrying footballers.
Over the phone from a sports bar in Quebec, where the Philadelphia five-piece is scheduled to perform later that night, rhythm guitarist Matt Palmer describes a show they played in Kansas City on their first-ever tour last year: "It was just a bunch of kids rolling around in broken glass, rubbing cactuses on their chests, hanging from the rafters, doing backflips." Frontwoman Christina Halladay remembers another In St.
And if a crowd that failed to reach three figures was a disappointment, frontwoman Kobra Paige didn't let it show: passionate, professional and playing to the cameras, one of the most charismatic vocalists on the planet approached this show like it was her last.
Frontwoman Mish Way heads an aural assault spanning 10 songs and 22 minutes and leaves the listener breathless, but panting for more.
HE-H--E FORMER Pretenders R Pretenders frontwoman Chrissie Hynde has released her first solo album after more than 30 years in the music business, but those expecting a return to the glory days may be sorely disappointed.
The Gossip frontwoman and her girlfriend of two years, Kristen Ogata, are planning to make honest women out of each other next summer in Hawaii, Ogata's home state.