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Adj.1.Frostian - of or relating to or in the manner of Robert Frost
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I conclude in the poem that it was a sort of Frostian moment for us, where we all recognized that something incredible had happened.
This dog is in a dream and is "lost--lost / good in the // heart's deep // wood." This is a wonderful, tactile conceit (with Frostian thrust).
She focuses in particular on Frost's treatment of conversation in his poetry and on "Frostian mornings, in which one must rise both independently 'unaided' and dependently 'with' the world's progress."
The "Monday Sonnet" from the middle section, "A Peal of Sonnets" (which has a slightly pretentious epigraph), presents an interesting and beautifully Frostian moment: The nut-brown spider slung between the Subaru antenna and the myrtle tree has left one wing of the fly exposed, her breakfast buzzing still.
* Shared Literary Influence: An important example is Elizabeth Bishop's well-known poem "The Fish," heralded as both Frostian and Hemingwayesque, and composed while she was living in Key West.
Mills claims that he uses meter as a Frostian good-neighbor-producing barrier between autobiographical poems and poems that tell someone else's story.
Merwin is no "swinger of birches" in the Frostian sense and he does not identify with the concept of Frost's poem that "one could do worse than be a swinger of birches."
We chose, instead, to wind our way along smaller, less traveled roads, a path which, in Frostian terms, would ultimately "make all the difference."
Instead, he followed the Frostian "road less traveled."
There is little commentary in this imagistic poem but while the laconic briefness and Frostian plainness even in the metaphors is typical most of this volume is more narrative than lyric.
By that Frostian reference we mean that newborn Erika Davis Wade was still in the hospital neonatal intensive care unit when doctors prescribed a seaside respite for her harried, depleted parents.
To return to our Frostian analogy, we admit that most of what is interesting about tennis consists in angles, spin, power, and position--it has little to do with the net.