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A person who engages in the sexual act of frottage.

[French, from frotter, to rub; see frottage.]

frot·teur′ism n.


(frɒˈtɜː; French frɔtœr)
(Psychiatry) a person who rubs against another person's body for sexual gratification



a person who practices frottage.
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Noun1.frotteur - someone who masturbates by rubbing against another person (as in a crowd)
masturbator, onanist - a person who practices masturbation
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and that he had medication but was not presently taking it." (51) The subsequent bench trial revealed the defendant's history of schizophrenia and frotteurism, (52) similar criminal acts, civil commitment, and noncompliance with medications.
Furthermore, a relatively narrow range of paraphilic behaviours (i.e., one to eight) have been examined in population studies of men and women thus far, with some paraphilias listed in the DSM-5 (e.g., fetishism, frotteurism) being omitted from most studies.
Current review of hypersexual disorders research, along with documented evidence offered by treatment providers, demonstrates that the number of researched and reported "cases" of "sexual addiction" now greatly exceeds documented past research and reporting of several sexual disorders currently defined and classified in the DSM-IV-TR (prominent examples include fetishism and frotteurism).