Froward Cape

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 (frō′wərd, -ərd), Cape
The southernmost point of mainland South America, in southern Chile on the Strait of Magellan.
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Neuston biomass was highest in wind protected areas, such as in Froward Cape, Almirantazgo Sound, and Inutil Bay (average = 12.3 g 5 [Mhd.sup.-1]) and along the western arm of the Magellan Strait, between Capitan Aracena Island and the western mouth of Magellan Strait (average = 11.1 g 5 [Mhd.sup.-1]).
rosea was recorded in the Almirantazgo Sound, Inutil Bay, the Paso Ancho zone, and Froward Cape (midMagellan Strait, average = 6307 [+ or -] 5993 ind 5 [Mhd.sup.-1]), while the lowest abundances were recorded at stations along the Beagle Channel and in open areas near Navarino Island (average = 362 ind 5 [Mhd.sup.-1]; Table 1).
rosea abundance was recorded in the Paso Ancho microbasinMagdalena Sound area, including in the zone of Froward Cape (Fig.