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The crops or products of the land legally belonging to a tenant.

[From Middle English emblaiment, from Old French emblaement, from emblaer, to sow with grain, from Medieval Latin imblādāre : Latin in-, in; see en-1 + Medieval Latin blādum, blādium, grain (of Germanic origin; see bhel- in Indo-European roots).]


pl n
1. (Law) annual crops and vegetable products cultivated by man's labour
2. (Law) the profits from such crops
[C15: from Old French emblaement, from emblaer to sow with grain, from Medieval Latin imblādāre, from blāda grain, of Germanic origin; compare Old English blǣd grain]


(ˈɛm blə mənts)

(in law) the products or profits of cultivated land.
[1485–95; pl. of emblement < Anglo-French, Middle French emblaement, derivative of emblae(r) < Medieval Latin imblādāre to sow with grain]


Law. the growing of crops and the profits reaped therefrom.
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If they are removed, ownership depends upon whether they are fructus naturales (perennials such as trees and grasses) or fructus industriales (annuals such as corn).