Cider press

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the press of a cider mill.

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HOW TO PRESERVE APPLES USE A FRUIT PRESS: If you don't have anywhere to store them, consider investing in a fruit press.
It's here that the 100-litre fermentation bins and 25-litre cider barrels are housed, along with a crusher, a fruit press and the 1,600 bottles he is now selling annually of his crisply effervescent drink.
with games and interactive fruit press setup in kid zone; learn about sustainable cider making and become part of Urban Orchard movement;
Perhaps the first Dublin Juice Bar was found at High Street where an excavation uncovered a wooden chute packed with remnants of cherries, plums, sloes and strawberries which probably led to a fruit press. The vast majority of gardens and orchards were small plots to the rear of the croft or cottage.
Included in the about 20 items he displayed were a butter churn, coffee grinder and a fruit press from the 1800s.
Bob Wittersheim of Carleton, Mich., thinks this is an incomplete fruit press used to make cider or wine.
Then one year, prompted by the old "if we can't find a use for this, we're going to get rid of it" incentive, Steve took it out to the workshop and came back with a renewed, rebuilt fruit press. He replaced the plated steel inner basket and outer shell with a wood slat basket, the upper iron pressing plate with a wooden one, and the bottom plate with a routed out wooden plate with carved lip.
A typical Tetra Pak processing line for concentrated apple juice delivered to China consists of a Bellmar fruit press, Tetra Alcap EC cassette evaporator, Tetra Alvac CD aroma recovery, Tetra Alcross UF membrane filter, concentrate pasteuriser, aseptic bulk filler, and a Tetra Alcip cleaning module.
Everything has a story, like the wee antique fruit press in the dining room, which was a present from the late Sir Hugh Fraser.
We looked into cutting costs by building from scratch and adapting industrial Acme-thread screws and commercial-grade grinders to a home fruit press. A press is possible if you have a good scrap yard to rummage through, but you'll need welding equipment and skill plus a metal-working shop.
Prior to the fruit press, Cherry Growers was using a screw press.
There will be tasting sessions of freshly pressed apple juice using a traditional fruit press. For keen cooks and foodies there will be information available about traditional orchards, recipes of all the dishes displayed and a family fun sheet on apples and how to grow them from a pip.