n.1.A picture of fruit; decoration by representation of fruit.
The cornices consist of frutages and festoons.
- Evelyn.
2.A confection of fruit.
References in classic literature ?
The Sun that light imparts to all, receives From all his alimental recompence In humid exhalations, and at Even Sups with the Ocean: though in Heav'n the Trees Of life ambrosial frutage bear, and vines Yeild Nectar, though from off the boughs each Morn We brush mellifluous Dewes, and find the ground Cover'd with pearly grain: yet God hath here Varied his bounty so with new delights, As may compare with Heaven; and to taste Think not I shall be nice.
The heavy gilt carving of scrolling acanthus and swags of 'frutage' is reminiscent of Wilton.
On this large chariot stood a large table, "decked with all sorts of exquisite delicacies and dainties of patisserie, frutages, and confections." Six women sat at the table: Ceres, Fecundity, Faith, Concord, Liberality, and Perseverance, all emblematically attired.