Fu Manchu mustache

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Fu Man·chu mustache

 (fo͞o′ măn-cho͞o′)
A mustache with ends that hang downward toward or below the chin.

[After Fu Manchu, , character in novels by Sax Rohmer, pen name of Arthur Sarsfield Ward (1886-1959), British mystery writer.]
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The 'Make Me Asian' app, which made it possible for users to make slanted eyes, wear a paddy hat, sport a Fu Manchu mustache, and change the colour of their faces to yellow, was developed by app developer Kimbery Deiss, Stuff.co.nz reports.
These apps overlay dated and racist stereotypes onto your photos: rice paddy hat, fu manchu mustache, slanty eyes and yellow skin - and voila, digital yellowface!
Created by an account holder named (https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=KimberyDeiss#?t=W251bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLDEwMiwiY29tLlBob3RvTWFrZXIiXQ..) KimberyDeiss , the app lets smartphone users alter their photos by adding so-called Asian features like a Fu Manchu mustache, a rice patty hat and slanted eyes.
Mankins traded in his bushy beard for a sleek Fu Manchu mustache and, oh yeah, played a ton of golf.
Sporting a power mullet, Fu Manchu mustache and semi-buff physique, Stiller comes off as a live-action cartoon, which is pretty much what the script requires.
A butcher by trade, Beagle wears a Fu Manchu mustache, has massive forearms from lifting sides of beef, and chews tobacco constantly.
His evil-looking Fu Manchu mustache in full playoff bloom, Thornton admitted it's not always easy for the B's to control their tempers against the Canadiens given the history between the teams - "We don't like them, they don't like us," he said - but in the playoffs, he knows restraint must trump revenge.