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 (fo͞o′jō′, -chou′)
See Fuzhou.
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Zhongguo gudai xiayi fuchou shiliao cuibian (Jinan: Qilu shushe, 2009), esp.
Tablet tea was first produced in Fuchou (Fuzhou) in Fujian Province in South-Eastern China, but large parts of this business were transferred to Hankow starting in 1882, where by the end of the 19th century about 90% of the brick tea for export was produced.
Huang, in a report to shareholders, listed the initial links of a "cross-nation enterprise network" as follows: an instant noodle factory in Fuchou, a glutamate plant in Kuilin, a milk powder factory in Beijing, the Mei-Lin plant in Shanghai, and outlets in seven major areas including Beijing and Shanghai.