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Noun1.Fuego - a volcano in south central GuatemalaFuego - a volcano in south central Guatemala
Guatemala, Republic of Guatemala - a republic in Central America; achieved independence from Spain in 1821; noted for low per capita income and illiteracy; politically unstable
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It was Terra del Fuego, which the first navigators named thus from seeing the quantity of smoke that rose from the natives' huts.
The object of the expedition was to complete the survey of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, commenced under Captain King in 1826 to 1830, -- to survey the shores of Chile, Peru, and of some islands in the Pacific -- and to carry a chain of chronometrical measurements round the World.
In the sea around Tierra del Fuego, and at no great distance from the land, I have seen narrow lines of water of a bright red colour, from the number of crustacea, which somewhat resemble in form large prawns.
South America is a place I love, and I think, if you take it right through from Darien to Fuego, it's the grandest, richest, most wonderful bit of earth upon this planet.
Horner's researches have rendered it in some degree probable that man sufficiently civilized to have manufactured pottery existed in the valley of the Nile thirteen or fourteen thousand years ago; and who will pretend to say how long before these ancient periods, savages, like those of Tierra del Fuego or Australia, who possess a semi-domestic dog, may not have existed in Egypt?
The youngest member in the corporate team of Fuego Hotels, he was first assigned as executive chef for 'Flavors of Spain,' a series of events promoting Spanish cuisine.
Thousands of people have been evacuated after Guatemala's Fuego volcano started to violently erupt, Sky News reports.
EST - The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) in Guatemala has issued a red alert amid the ongoing explosion of the Volcan De Fuego. The agency was active in areas of risk and was monitoring the  evacuation processes.
When Fuego debuted in 1989 at the Teatro de ChStelet in Paris, the audience was so enthralled they would not stop applauding until one of