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Noun1.gasoline tax - a tax on every gallon of gasoline sold
excise, excise tax - a tax that is measured by the amount of business done (not on property or income from real estate)
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Fuel tax evasion became a salient issue during the 1980s, when multi-million dollar evasion daisy chains were discovered in New York and other urban areas.
But despite the dramatic tax increases, in January of 1985, Ray Barnhart, the administrator of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), discovered that fuel tax revenues had not increased as expected.
A couple of weeks ago, I opined in this space that our Legislature should just raise the blankety-blank fuel tax to pay for the highway construction and maintenance that Arkansans need and want.
Tenders are invited for Fuel Tax Reporting and Audit Compliance System
Meanwhile, sentiment for raising the fuel tax, or at least adjusting it for inflation since it was last changed in 1993, is decidedly mixed on Capitol Hill.
Now, the city is proposing a funding source: a fuel tax, proposed by the council this summer, to be paid by drivers in the city any time they fill up their tanks.
When we add the growth in truck VMT and overall travel and the eroding effects of inflation on a federal fuel tax that has not been raised in more than 20 years, it is not surprising that the Federal Highway Trust Fund has, and will continue to, experience deficits and require periodic infusions from the General Fund.
HARD-pressed motorists have welcomed Alistair Darling's decision to scrap the 2p-a-litre fuel tax rise planned for October.
Fewer taxpayers means that collection, enforcement, and other administrative costs would be lower for fuel tax collection agencies than for agencies responsible for collecting direct user charge payments.
A fuel tax break may come too late for many airlines to avoid bankruptcy, according to the US Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley.
Cutting fuel tax to reduce prices from pounds 1 per litre to 90p per litre would save the Fiesta driver around pounds 125 a year Buying a Toyota Prius rather than a Ford Mondeo, could result in a fuel cost saving of over pounds 630 a year, or over pounds 50 a month.