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n.1.(Mus.) A fugue.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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based in Xiamen, a $2-billion Smart City will be built on Fuga Island to be patterned after the Chinese firm's ongoing mega infrastructure project in Fujian.
Fuga Island, a coastal town in Babuyan archipelago, has both access to the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.
It also inked a strategic cooperation agreement with Isla Fuga Pacific Resorts Inc.
with Isla Fuga Resort., Inc., owner of Fuga Islands that boasts of pristine white sand beaches, unspoiled flora and fauna and warm sea water.
There were also some opportunities for better editorial decisions, such as: a page turn when both hands in both parts are tied (Pantomime); ends of ottava signs with only a few more notes left in the passage (Minuet); pickups to a left-hand melody notated for the right hand when the left hand isn't doing anything (Ballet); or placing the right hand of the secondo in the bass clef, when using the treble clef would have resulted in many fewer ledger lines (Fuga).
In the second round, the participants were required to present one free composition and one other work, either variation, fuga, or canon.
La fuga puede parecer para algunos un acto de cobardia y abandono, sin embargo, para mi constituye una posibilidad legitima de cambio, innovacion y transformacion.