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1. A leader, especially a political leader.
2. A soldier designated as a guide or model for a company's maneuvers or drills.

[Alteration of German Flügelmann, file leader : Flügel, wing (from Middle High German vlügel; see pleu- in Indo-European roots) + Mann, man (from Middle High German man, from Old High German; see man- in Indo-European roots).]
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n, pl -men
1. (Military) (formerly) a soldier used as an example for those learning drill
2. any person who acts as a leader or example
[C19: from German Flügelmann, from Flügel wing, flank + Mann man]
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(ˈfyu gəl mən)

n., pl. -men.
1. (formerly) a soldier placed in front of a military company as a good model during training drills.
2. a person who heads a group, company, political party, etc.; a leader or manager.
[1795–1805; < German Flügelmann literally, flank man]
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Noun1.fugleman - a leader and organizer and spokesman (especially a political leader); "a fugleman for the radical right"
leader - a person who rules or guides or inspires others
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Zoe Fugler is a qualified designer, who worked in retail design and branding.
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"We develop and rigorously test our quantitative investment models in-house, with the goal of achieving superior returns exhibiting low correlation with market returns and economic conditions," said Elizabeth Fugler, CGAM's director of new business development and client services.
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Spokesman Ian Fugler said: "The deadline for applying for grants from the Capital Grants Scheme is fast approaching.
Daniel Fugler, an apprentice at Aspley-based Ellis Furniture, landed an award from Leeds College of Building in recognition of his hard work, commitment and achievements.
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