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or Fu·jai·rah  (fə-jī′rə, fo͞o-jī′rä)
A sheikhdom of the United Arab Emirates on the Gulf of Oman. It joined the federation in 1971.
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The speed limit on Shaikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road in Fujairah will change from 140 km/h to 120 km/h on July 1, 2019.
The Ruler of Fujairah will accept greetings on the auspicious occasion at Al Remailah Palace.
Chemoil Energy in March 2008 launched its marine fuel business in Fujairah, and was to more than double the storage capacity to 220,000 tons within two years, to meet growing Middle East demand.
Fujairah is a largely mountainous area where the main business of selling rocks, for land-reclamation projects such as Dubai's palm-shaped islands, was affected when the financial crisis stymied construction in much of the UAE.
But what with more government spending promised to the Northern Emirates and foreign investment, could this be the dawn of a new Fujairah?
With 34,000 sq m of retail space, the mall will feature 105 value and mid-market brands, 85 per cent of which will be new to Fujairah.
"CAThe retail sector in Fujairah is considered to be well underserviced.
Last year, 20 hotels attracted 1.2 million guests, up 60 per cent from 750,000 guests that stayed in Fujairah's hotels in 2011.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's decision to divert its fuel oil from the UAE port of Fujairah to Singapore has caused a drop in supply and sharp rise in shipping fuel prices in the Emirati port.
Given that Fujairah also has excellent quarry resources and is perfectly capable of supplying the aggregate materials necessary to meet the rising construction demands of Saudi Arabia, companies such as Fujairah-based Oryx Industries, a leading producer of construction materials in the fields of supplying, sourcing and transporting quarry products are well equipped and experienced to supply the new demand.
Future projects planned for Fujairah include the construction of additional refining, petrochemicals, and LNG import terminals that can complement the existing energy-related infrastructure.
"It was heart-breaking for Fujairah to miss out on the chance to automatically qualify for the Arabian Gulf League.