Damaraland mole rat

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Noun1.Damaraland mole rat - colonial mole rat of western Africa; similar to naked mole rat
fossorial mammal - a burrowing mammal having limbs adapted for digging
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Those studies that have examined natural populations of subterranean rodents have revealed a variety of diel patterns of activity, including species that are primarily diurnal (e.g., Thomomys bottae: Gettinger, 1984; Spalacopus cyanus: Urrejola et al., 2005; Ctenomys talarum: Cutrera et al., 2006; Fukomys anselli: Skliba et al., 2014), species that are primarily nocturnal (e.g., Georychus capensis: Lovegrove and Papenfus, 1995; Fukomis mechowii: Lovy et al., 2013), and species in which activity occurs in bouts throughout the 24-hour cycle (e.g., Cryptomys hottentotus: Hickman, 1980; Fukomys damarensis: Lovegrove, 1988).