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A city of central Germany south of Kassel on the Fulda River, about 220 km (135 mi) long. The city grew around a Benedictine abbey founded in 744, which later became one of the foremost centers of culture and learning in Europe.
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Nolde's own telling of his life story, it turns out, was "an extreme reinterpretation," says Bernhard Fulda, co-curator of the Hamburger Bahnhof exhibition and expert on Nolde.
Synopsis: "Redeye Fulda Cold" by Bill Fortin is set in 1969 West Germany.
Historian Bernhard Fulda begins his Press and Politics in the Weimar Republic with an epigraph found in Oswald Spengler's The Decline of the West (1922) which sets the tone for the rest of his book.
"Half-Assed: A Weight Loss Memoir" is Jennette Fulda's record of losing over two hundred of her 372 pounds.
And if I track it back, I can go back to my first NATO meeting, which was 46 years ago next month, when I was a young lieutenant and I assembled the 40 members of my platoon around me at the Fulda Gap and said, "We are NATO and as long as we win the battle at this little section of the Fulda Gap, western Europe and North America will be safe.
The Fulda Tyres Extreme Arctic Challenge 2005 needs fitness fanatics to represent Great Britain during next year's event in Canada's Yukon Territory.
The German co-operative Milchwerke Fulda Lauterbach and the Dutch company DP Supply BV, Waanderweg 50, 7812 HZ Emmen, Holland, tel:+31 591 67 9988, fax:+31 591 67 9990, have announced the establishment of a new production unit named Trockenwerk Hessen GmbH.
Les sacramentaires de Fulda. Etude sur l'iconographie et la liturgie a l'epoque ottonienne.
April 21, 1488, near Fulda, Abbacy of Fulda [Germany]--d.