Full age

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(Law) the age at which one attains full personal rights; majority; - in England and the United States the age of 21 years.
- Shak.

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Many a time I had seen a couple of boys, strangers, meet by chance, and say simultaneously, "I can lick you," and go at it on the spot; but I had always imagined until now that that sort of thing belonged to children only, and was a sign and mark of childhood; but here were these big boobies sticking to it and taking pride in it clear up into full age and beyond.
She looked her full age, and a year or two more, as she lay thinking, with her head on her hand, and her elbow on the pillow.
Insurance: Individuals employed by the Employer under a contract of employment, appointment, selection, appointment, as well as spouses and life partners, children of full age, prosecutors.
Only when I have to climb the stairs do I notice my full age.
This is roughly half of Lee's full age retirement benefit, but it's actually a bit more.
One of the laws that she came to learn was the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 16, which states: 'men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family.
1) be of full age, be capable of giving consent to care and be an insured person within the meaning of the Health Insurance Act (chapter A-29);
In Ethiopia, according to the Essential Condition of Marriage of the Revised Family Code, Article 7, specifies the legal marriage age of both boys and girls as follows; "Neither a man nor a woman who has not attained the full age of eighteen years shall conclude marriage" (Council of the Amhara National State 2003).
The aim of the Academy is to provide high-quality education across the full age and ability range, covering the national curriculum and age not stage progression, a longer taught day in the high school and with an added focus on the Academy's specialism of Enterprise.