Full band

(Mus.) a band in which all the instruments are employed.

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A sound of music was heard without the house, as if proceeding from a full band of military instruments stationed in the street, playing not such a festal strain as was suited to the occasion, but a slow funeral march.
This special one-off performance, then, which sees her take the stage with her full band as well as chatting to host Graham Norton, is well worth catching.
para]]Adds Support for Next- Generation Satellite Extensions with Full Band Capture and Eight Demodulators in a Single Chip[[/para]]
He plays the venue with his full band on Saturday, May 21, 2016.
e full band line-up includes old mate, King Phoenix keyboard player Mike Roberts, plus special guests.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Trans Receiver, Vhf, Hand Held Walkie Talkies Set 1W/Sw Turned For Rated Power Of 5 Watts Synthesized With 2200 Mah Ni-Mh Battery Pack, Configuration Vh-3 Band 136-174 Mhz Full Band Along With One Spare Battery Pack Of Capacity 2200 Mah Capacity And Rapid Charger As Per Spec.
SYNTH-POP legends China Crisis bring their full band to ARC next month.
Ensembles can be formed from the full band to complement any budget or preferred sound.
Check him out with a full band - at the Empire on March 6, part of the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival, tickets PS12 from www.
For his appearance at The Drum, Eric will be joined by a full band and supported by neo soul singer-songwriter Hayley Cassidy, with music supplied by master mixer E Double D.
Rock & Pop Country Sleep Night Beds Country Sleep begins with just a voice, a high and tender lament, for 71 seconds; a spirit to be reckoned with, before a full band kicks up some dust behind a deliciously bittersweet melody on Ramona.
Paul Zervas and Kathryn Pepper, along with their full band, won over the crowd at Clwb with their gorgeous harmonies, ethereal beats and magical storytelling.