Full binding

the binding of a book when made wholly of leather, as distinguished from half binding.

See also: Full

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Provider of specialty products for a broad spectrum of industries and distributes products as insurance and reinsurance, NAS is a product oriented, independent underwriting manager of specialty insurance with full binding authority to underwrite on behalf of Lloyd s, London and other carriers.
The Copenhagen meeting has an ambitious agenda, but at the very least is expected to lead to a political agreement on emissions cuts by rich countries, with agreement on a full binding treaty in 2010.
Mr Leyland will take their complaints to a special emergency meeting being held today to discuss how the Federation, which represents 140,000 officers nationally, should react to Jacqui Smith's actions through either lobbying for full industrial rights or full binding arbitration.
Other aspects of the UDHR have since been developed into separate full binding agreements and international conventions among governments in an effort to better secure the rights for individuals in all nations and under all systems of government.
With full binding capabilities, including saddle stitching and spiral binding, Yamagata can now print, bind, package, kit and ship, full-color books and other materials throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim.
In light of these revelations, we have no option but to lobby for full industrial rights or full binding arbitration.