Full bottom

a hull of such shape as permits carrying a large amount of merchandise.
a kind of wig full and large at the bottom.

See also: Bottom, Full

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Canadian group's Smart Investment Planning approach addresses several challenges commonly faced by organisations with large dispersed portfolios, such as insufficient budget for full bottom up condition surveys, competing and changing business drivers, insufficient time to build a robust capital plan and lack of visibility of medium to long term investment liabilities, said the company in a statement.
Those with a heartshaped face should opt for teacup frames which have a wide, full bottom that balances out a smaller chin.
1 Red or Dead (30524323) PS99 2 Kylie Minogue, (30520196) PS99 3 Specsavers (30516311) PS69 4 Titanium (30404250) PSLinda Teacup frames have a wide or full bottom, which is perfect for balancing a smaller chin in classic heart shapes.
And writing the letter 'F' with a full bottom loop shows that she is sensual and likes fine wine and good food.
A tough, waterproof polyethylene (PE) outer-woven sleeve tucks underneath the bin to secure the container and provide full bottom support.
Adonis Inc., a futon manufacturer, is introducing its first bunk bed system, the Telluride model, in 100 percent hardwood, with a twin upper bunk and a full bottom bunk.
Finished packs feature a full bottom panel, with the result that sleeve design costs are minimised when converting from hand to machine applied sleeves.
The line takes T-Fal's Armaral concept of steel disk reinforcement to the pans' bottoms and extends the disk to encompass the full bottom of the pan.
FULL bottomed wigs, women's tights and a woolsack are not your standard Weapons of Mass Destruction but they were used to great effect to destroy Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith.