Full hand

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(Poker) three of a kind and a pair.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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That instead, therefore, of arriving among their friends, the Nez Perces, with light hearts and full hands, they came naked, hungry, and broken down; and instead of making them presents, must depend upon them even for food.
The viscount put his two full hands close to my lantern....I stooped to look...and at once threw away the lantern with such violence that it broke and went out, leaving us in utter darkness.
But the impossibility of any result; the poverty of the young man; a vague hope of enriching herself, of going to Paris, and returning with full hands to say, "I love you!
And there I shivered on that wretched plank, chained like Andromeda to the rock, with a black infinity above and below; and before my eyes, now grown familiar with the peculiar darkness, stood Lord Ernest Belville, waiting for Raffles to emerge with full hands and unsuspecting heart!
Meanwhile, Keane hopes to have a full hand to deal from for the September 1 decider with James O'Donoghue back in the reckoning
"When I heard the full hand had to go, the idea of being pain-free made it easier to accept."
The rates of a single vine starts from Rs100, for the full hand we are charging Rs500, while the rates are Rs500 to 600 for both hands, Another Mehndi Artist said.
In the same meeting, Pak Army was given full hand to retaliate to the aggression and attack.
"Rest assured that the full hand of the law and the government will be behind still and this will be investigated by the Philippine National Police," Andanar said in an interview over Super Radyo DZBB.
"This date, I asked Tony Brown to stand with me to take those steps to assure a full hand count of all legal ballots to determine the actual winner of our race and for each to accept the results.
However, Hamilton was not convinced with Ferrari's lack of pace and suggested they could be "sandbagging" and will show their full hand on Saturday during Practice 3 and the qualifying session.
Second, in changing global political alliances, Pakistan at least needs its full hand of cards to play with.