Fulling mill

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a mill for fulling cloth as by means of pesties or stampers, which alternately fall into and rise from troughs where the cloth is placed with hot water and fuller's earth, or other cleansing materials.

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"That is true," said Sancho, "since the mere noise of the hammers of a fulling mill can disturb and disquiet the heart of such a valiant errant adventurer as your worship; but you may be sure I will not open my lips henceforward to make light of anything of your worship's, but only to honour you as my master and natural lord."
Am I, perchance, being, as I am, a gentleman, bound to know and distinguish sounds and tell whether they come from fulling mills or not; and that, when perhaps, as is the case, I have never in my life seen any as you have, low boor as you are, that have been born and bred among them?
It was built in 1804, near Thorpe Mill, a water fulling mill which belonged to the powerful Priestley and Rawson families.
It is tied on a size-12 Fulling mill heavyweight competition barbless hook, using black tying thread.
He moved to Winlaton in 1691, leasing a corn mill and fulling mill, houses and four acres of land.
CATCH OF THE DAY A grayling on a Fulling Mill Squirmy
He was a family member and I was told he had worked at Fulling Mill, which was originally located in Kennells Mill, Pennsylvania.
Or indeed, any vaguely Valleys name would be preferable to the option they finally plumped for: The Fulling Mill.
It is the third such branch to open in South Wales, with outlets already at the Fulling Mill in Tonypandy and The Upper Boat Inn near Pontypridd.
Fulling Mill Fulling Mill Lane Welwyn AL6 9NP Hertfordshire UK TEL +44 (0)1438 716626 FAX +44 (0)1438 716628 EMAIL sales@spectraldynamics.co.uk www.spectraldynamics.com
Factory Isaf was a fulling mill for cleansing and thickening of woollen cloth after it had been woven.