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1. A discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder.
2. A flash of lightning conceived as a bolt or dart hurled from the heavens.
3. A startling, forceful action: "Every political campaign manager saves a thunderbolt for the last week before Election Day" (Art Buchwald).


1. (Physical Geography) a flash of lightning accompanying thunder
2. the imagined agency of destruction produced by a flash of lightning
3. (Norse Myth & Legend) (in mythology) the destructive weapon wielded by several gods, esp the Greek god Zeus. See also Thor
4. something very startling


(ˈθʌn dərˌboʊlt)

1. a flash of lightning with the accompanying thunder.
2. an imaginary destructive missile cast to earth in a flash of lightning: the thunderbolts of Jove.
3. a person or thing that acts with destructive force, speed, or suddenness.
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Noun1.thunderbolt - a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunderthunderbolt - a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder
lightning - abrupt electric discharge from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth accompanied by the emission of light
2.thunderbolt - a shocking surprise; "news of the attack came like a bombshell"
surprise - a sudden unexpected event
صاعِقَهمَفاجأَه عَظيمَه
bleskblesk z čistého nebe
et lyn fra en klar himmellynnedslag
eins og òruma úr heiîskíru loftielding
blesk z čistého neba
büyük sürprizyıldırım


[ˈθʌndəbəʊlt] Nrayo m (fig) → rayo m, bomba f


[ˈθʌndərbəʊlt] néclair m


[ˈθʌndəˌbəʊlt] nfulmine m


(ˈθandə) noun
1. the deep rumbling sound heard in the sky after a flash of lightning. a clap/peal of thunder; a thunderstorm.
2. a loud rumbling. the thunder of horses' hooves.
1. to sound, rumble etc. It thundered all night.
2. to make a noise like thunder. The tanks thundered over the bridge.
ˈthundering adjective
very great. a thundering idiot.
ˈthunderous adjective
like thunder. a thunderous noise.
ˈthunderously adverb
ˈthundery adjective
warning of, or likely to have or bring, thunder. thundery clouds/weather.
ˈthunderbolt noun
1. a flash of lightning immediately followed by thunder.
2. a sudden great surprise. Her arrival was a complete thunderbolt.
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One might have hoped that a fictional character with the weird Greco-Latin name Erastes Fulmen might have elicited a "gendered" or at least a Freudian comment on the implications of these two words, which mean "Lover," with specific homo-erotic connotations, and "Lightning." Latin vir does not mean "manliness" (166, 231) but "man" (as opposed to "woman").
mst-group(.)com, mst(.)ir Machine Sazi Tabriz shomalcement(.)com Shomal Cement Company www(.)daneshazmoon(.)com Danesh Azmoon Teb Company spc-ir(.)com Shiraz Petrochemical Company burgmann(.)com Burghmann-Pars (Sealing System Company) fulmen(.)com Fulmen Company ir-tc(.)com Infrared Technologists Co Ltd.
Serban (Claudia Millian), Laura Vampa (Libertatea Bruteanu), Maura Prigor (Coralia Costescu), others chose more than one pseudonym: Fulmen, Laura, Lorica (Ecaterina Raicoviceanu).
| BRUSSELS, Dec 19 (KUNA) -- The EU Thursday announced that Fereydoun Mahmoudian, an Iranian businessman and his company Fulmen active in particular in the electrical equipment sector were removed from the sanctions list.
The Luxembourg court confirmed Iranian private company Fulmen Group and its largest shareholder and chairman, Fereydoun Mahmoudian, shouldn't be on the list of companies subject to restrictions because their alleged support of nuclear proliferation couldn't be proven.