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adv.1.In the manner of one who fumbles.
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Fumblingly I hastened to complete what I was about, but the tiresome book had become so tightly wedged into its row that, on being pulled out, it caused its fellows to close up too compactly to leave any place for their comrade.
Gosling, among his many talents, has blossomed into an inspired physical comedian, and it's a hoot to watch Holland converse with Jackson from a bathroom stall as he tries to fumblingly prop open the door, point a gun, and hold a magazine over his junk at the same time.
Deyn is passable as the gauche ingenue Chris Guthrie as young girl, but her inexperience shows in the second half of the film, where she appears too fumblingly indecisive, and indeed too flat verbally, for the smeddum-firm heroine whose forthright character has been honed and tempered by harsh elemental experience.
Your Fate Awaits Outside the Door" parlays an innocent, random fortune cookie fortune into an eerie auditory encounter with the other side; after answering two sets of knockings at her apartment door, the poet tugs at the door fumblingly to find "no one-but empty blue light weird on the tile floor.
To Bishop, Marti is a figure of didactic exposition, the very gloss that Burgos's translator, fumblingly mistaking Marti for an alien being, so dreadfully needs.
Just as heartfelt is the connection that Schmitt and Sheiber fumblingly try to make with each other, portraying an elderly couple at a funeral.
Lime and salt are fumblingly handed out to the giggling masses and, like a heaving tipsy monster, we all toast to the house, this house, that will always be home.