Fumimaro Konoe

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Noun1.Fumimaro Konoe - Japanese statesman who set Japan's expansionist policies and formed an alliance with Germany and Italy (1891-1945)
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In 1938, Fumimaro Konoe (1891-1945), the Japanese prime minister, announced the New Order in East Asia, whose stated purpose was the assurance of permanent peace in East Asia.
Several influential members of the government including Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (1891-1945) and Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (1884-1943), who drew up the plans for the strike on Pearl Harbor, were convinced that simultaneous wars against China and the Western powers had little chance of success.
Despite its aggressive military conduct, not all Japanese desired war, and Prince Fumimaro Konoe (1891-1945), Japan's prime minister during many of the critical months before the outbreak of the Pacific War, held out hope for a negotiated settlement with the United States.