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An atoll of Tuvalu in the southern Pacific Ocean, consisting of several islets. It is the capital of the island state.


(ˌfu nəˈfu ti)

the capital of Tuvalu. 1328.
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Noun1.Funafuti - capital of Tuvalu
Tuvalu - a small island republic on the Tuvalu islands; formerly part of the British colony of Gilbert and Ellice Islands until it withdrew in 1975 and became independent of the United Kingdom in 1978
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The United States funded a rainwater catchment system project on Funafuti atoll, the capital of Tuvalu.
On pp.21-22, Edgeworth David's second expedition to Funafuti Atoll in 1897 is described as "Seeking empirical proof for the theory of evolution through natural selection, David led an expedition ...
The new 40-kilowatt facility, set up in a soccer stadium in Funafuti atoll, the capital, can serve the power needs of about 50 of the country's 1,700 households while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by around 50 tons a year, Kansai Electric said.