composite function

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compos′ite func′tion

n. Math.
a function obtained from two given functions, where the range of one function is contained in the domain of the second function, by assigning to an element in the domain of the first function that element in the range of the second function whose inverse image is the image of the element.
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A service function composition path (SFCP) is a core mechanism used by service chaining system to express the result of applying more granular policy and operational constraints to the abstract requirements of a service function chain.
The topics include long distance agreement in relative clauses, derivational binding and the elimination of uninterpretable features, function composition an the linear local modeling of extended NEG-scope, whether movement paths are punctuated or uniform, and deriving reconstruction to asymmetries.
To reach the Trans level, a student must link function composition and decomposition to differentiation, and recognise various instantiations of the chain rule, which follow from the same general rule through function composition.
We offer the reader a means of resolving the dilemma by defining the rational exponent as a function composition.
It is, in short, above Level 2--and may be either Level 1 (the official dogma) or Level 1.5 (the function composition view).